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Julia Buckingham

Julia Buckingham, Modernique's Proprietor and Chief Creative Director, leads a new generation of world-class interior designers bringing her Modernique® chic sensibility to both residential and commercial design projects around the country. Destined to become a design icon, Julia runs a highly successful design studio in Chicago, and also in Phoenix specializing in luxury interiors with her signature vintage and modern mix for clients all over the country. 


Laura Danks

Laura Danks is Modernique's Boutique Manager. Laura uniquely fuses her years of experience in the vintage and trending marketplaces, and her interior design skills to bring our clients' dreams to life. A self proclaimed maximalist, she brings bold individuality to her work. Her free time is spent enjoying her three boys, exploring new spaces and running the hills of Arizona. 


Mary Ellen Mcmanus

Mary Ellen McManus is the Business and Operations Manager at Modernique. Her background has been in the consumer package industry with PepsiCo, Heineken and Campbell’s managing the business P&L, sales teams and growing market share. Mary Ellen spends her free time outdoors hiking, traveling and practicing yoga. 


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Astrid Carreno

Astrid Carreno is Modernique’s Sales Associate extraordinaire. She is a graduate of Arizona State University where she received her bachelor's degree in Design Management. Since working with Modernique, Astrid has taken pride in her role while helping the company grow. Her free time is spent traveling and learning different cultures around the world. She is also a design and fashion enthusiast.