Modernique is a lifestyle. It is a design aesthetic that has no rules or boundaries–a happy place that allows for color galore and pieces that make you smile, give pause and offer conversation.

“I like to remind people that there are no rules. Your home doesn’t have to look like a mass-market furniture showroom, or a funky vintage store, or a minimalist art gallery. You can pick and choose from all of them.”



Julia Buckingham

“As a designer your sense of style comes from any number of places – where you have been, what you love, where your passions lead you. Finding your personal aesthetic is a journey. I found that my “road” crossed at the familiar and the undiscovered; at an intersection of past and present.”

Celebrity designer Julia Buckingham leads a new generation of world-class interior designers bringing her Modernique® chic sensibility to both residential and commercial design projects around the country. Her unique design style, captured in her new book, Modernique, Inspiring Interiors – Mixing Modern and Vintage Style, her spectacular collections of licensed product, numerous high profile panels, show houses, and personal appearances around the globe have earned her the reputation of a rock-solid force in the industry. Destined to become a design icon, Julia runs a highly successful design studio in Chicago specializing in luxury interiors with her signature vintage and modern mix. Modernique features a gem-like collection of her designed furniture alongside antiques and artifacts to cater to the high end consumer market in Phoenix.

Buckingham is known for stunning interiors that are a window into the past and a bridge to the future. Her design signature is to artfully weave together a tapestry of antiques, modern and artifacts along with her custom designed pieces to create an updated approach that reflects today’s lifestyles. With her signature style she calls Modernique®, Julia seamlessly blends furniture and fixtures from the past with those of today for interiors that convey a warm and youthful style, all with a timeless quality.

The thread of design weaves consistently through her career: from her early experience working for Neiman Marcus in fashion merchandising to pursuing her love for collecting antiques which she turned into a business as an antiques dealer to launching her own design company Buckingham Interiors + Design, where she combines all her passions into a thriving interior design business.

Opening Modernique

Housed inside a narrow, rectilinear 1,900 square foot space, Modernique is decorated with stylish Tabarka tilework made right here in Scottsdale, as well as white painted brick walls accented with pops of color from the curated art collection featuring top Chicago and local artists. Working with the Phoenix architect, Lance Enyart of LEA Architects, Buckingham filled this compact space with multiple vignettes mixing and matching different styles, periods, color, patterns and textures. Modernique is the exclusive retail home to Buckingham’s extensive line of furniture and accessories manufactured all over the world, that now spans nearly 300 items and is in its 4th collection.